Deciding what manufacturing technology use in a project is a key factor for its success. There are several parameters to take into account which could affect directly the cost, quality and timing. If you have any doubts about this, our technical team can help you decide.

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From 1 to 20 units

Industrial 3D Printing is a manufacturing technology that based on the addition of material, unlike traditional methods, where a three-dimensional object is created by superimposing successive layers of material. With the process of subtraction a large amount of material is often lost. Instead, with 3D Printing we use only the exact and necessary material.

3D Printing is capable of creating extremely complex shapes and even impossible to manufacture with traditional techniques. That allows us to create design with geometries never imagined.

From 1 unit

CNC Machining is an excellent technology for rapid prototyping and the production of rigid materials including most metals and plastics.

In addition, and as a result of its configuration, numerical control machining operations allow us to manufacture at an accelerated pace, resulting in bulk manufacturing wich is also much more economical and much more precise.

From 10 to 100 units

Vacuum Casting technology is very interesting when we need to make short series of plastic parts from 10 to 100 units. The mold is almost always made from a model obtained by Stereolithography.

Vacuum casting is generally used to obtain small or medium sized parts with many details. The wide range of available polyurethane resins allows to approach the final thermoplastic and thus obtain small series of representative parts of the final product.

From 100 units

Injection Mold is the most effective and usual system for mass production of parts. It presents an excellent quality and finishing, being essential a mold with the best qualities, elaboration of high precision and maximum durability possible.

As we know that in addition to the design of the part, the mold design is a critical succes factor in the industrial production by injection, in Produck we are in charge of designing, developing and manufacturing the molds with the maximum guarantees.

From 1 unit

Sheet Metal has gone from being a purely structural element, to being placed as a decorative and design element.

A Sheet Metal can have thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 12 mm, this being totally dependent on its future use. A laser sheet cutting can be done on different materials of different thickness.

Other techniques like folding or forming of metals allow us to create three-dimensional parts from a simple flat sheet.

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We help you to optimize the manufacturing processes and we put at your disposal all our knowledge to achieve a more efficient production.

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To ensure the quality of the product delivered, we follow the Double-Check method, reviewing your order before leaving the factory and also upon arrival at our offices in Barcelona.

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We carry out an exhaustive and personalized follow-up of each project. Our extensive experience in the industrial sector and the development of products brings a great advantage to our customers.

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Prototype budget in less than 24 hours, prototypes from 7 days, short series from 2 weeks and injection molds in less than 1 month.

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